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Critical acclaim for Strange Glow and Spark

From the Back Cover:

"A thoroughly readable book about an important subject. The sometimes bizarre, sometimes brilliant story of the discovery of radioactivity and its effects on living things is told in an enlightening and entertaining way. I found it surprisingly reassuring."--Penny Le Couteur, coauthor of Napoleon's Buttons: How Seventeen Molecules Changed History

"Through stories and examples, rather than graphs and equations, this lucid book explains the discovery, benefits, and dangers of different forms of radiation, and it examines qualms about nuclear power, cancer treatment, possible radon in the basement, and extensive cell-phone use. Strange Glow is both a fine history and a deft elucidation of risk assessment."--David E. Nye, author of Technology Matters: Questions to Live With

"Strange Glow is an accessible book that presents a huge amount of information about radiation. It enables readers to make sound judgments about various kinds of radiation exposures, including the risks of living in areas affected by radioactive fallout. Useful to radiation experts and general audiences alike, the knowledge gathered here is enormous and full of insights."--Ohtsura Niwa, Fukushima Medical University

"The discovery of radiation opened the way to the modern era and created one of humanity’s greatest moral challenges. In this lucid book, Timothy Jorgensen explains the mechanics of radiation, tells the stories of those who helped uncover it, and gives us a careful assessment of how it continues to influence people and society."--Tom Zoellner, author of Uranium: War, Energy, and the Rock That Shaped the World

"This fascinating book is well written, entertaining, and informative. I don't know of another book that takes such a comprehensive look at radiation and it will enjoy a large and diverse readership."--William F. Morgan, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

"Strange Glow is an extremely well-written book about the history of radiation and its many benefits and risks. Starting with the discovery of x-rays, Timothy Jorgensen explores how each radiation breakthrough was achieved and how we are exposed to radiation, both natural and man-made, in our daily lives. This book contains everything we might want to know about radiation but were afraid to ask."--Jay Burreson, coauthor of Napoleon’s Buttons: How Seventeen Molecules Changed History

"Jorgensen's history is an engaging and entertaining attempt to make us feel more secure about the sea of radiation in which we live."--Kate Brown, author of Plutopia: Nuclear Families, Atomic Cities, and the Great Soviet and American Plutonium Disasters