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People like to get their learning in the form of stories. If you tell an engaging and compelling story, people will learn something from it and they will retain that knowledge. So that’s what I attempt to do in my books.


Strange Glow is the story of man’s encounters with radiation, and how mankind has been transformed by the experience. The story is told with an emphasis on the human aspects, and it is told from a health-centric perspective. The goal is to integrate the technological aspects of radiation within the human experience and, thereby, remove some of the mystery and misunderstanding that surrounds radiation.


Spark is, in many ways, a follow-up to Strange Glow. The two books share the same narrative style and conversational tone. Their scientific communication strategy -- conveying scientific knowledge by imbedding it within human-interest stories -- is similar. And the subject matter for the two books is comparable. While Strange Glow deals with radiation and its health implications, Spark explores electricity and its health implications. Both books address four fundamental questions that people typically have about any technology: 1) What is it?; 2) How does it work?; 3) How does it affect us?; and 4) Should we fear it?


The goal for my books is to entertain while educating. I hope you will find these books both fascinating and informative. And I hope your life will be enriched by the knowledge they convey about these two mysterious and invisible forces of nature that are so important to our health and wellbeing.